Transforming Airports with Digital Signage: Streamlining Travel Information

Streamline travel information and enhance passenger experience with airport digital signage. Learn how it transforms airports into efficient hubs of information.

You may not think much of it, but having digital signage in airports can transform communication, engagement, and customer experience. Say goodbye to static signage and embrace the captivating power of digital displays. With attention-grabbing visuals and real-time updates, digital signage captures the spotlight, attracting travelers and effectively conveying important messages and promotions. 

It also simplifies content management, reduces operational costs, and provides a dynamic platform for navigation, city information, transport options, emergency updates, news, and weather. In this piece, we will list out all the benefits that one can have by using digital signage in an airport.

How Does Digital Signage Help My Business?

Digital signage offers numerous benefits to businesses, greatly assisting in enhancing communication, engagement, and overall customer experience. One significant advantage of digital signage is its ability to capture attention with attention-grabbing displays. 

Another key advantage is the ability to provide real-time updates. Unlike traditional signage, digital displays can be easily updated in real-time. This flexibility allows businesses to deliver timely information, such as promotions, sales, or event announcements. 

Moreover, digital signage facilitates easy content management and reduces operational costs. With a centralized system, businesses can remotely control and manage multiple displays from a single location. 

Uses of Digital Signage an Airport

There are numerous uses for digital displays in airports. Listed below are just a few.

Real-Time Updates for Travellers

The most effective use of digital signage in an airport is to leverage its capabilities to provide real-time updates and valuable information to travelers. Set up digital screens throughout the airport, especially in high-traffic areas like arrival halls, departure gates, and baggage claim areas. These screens should display real-time flight information, including departure and arrival times, gate numbers, and any changes or delays. Integrating with the airport's flight data system will ensure that the information displayed is constantly up-to-date.

In the event of gate changes or boarding announcements, digital signage can swiftly communicate the necessary information to passengers. This way, travelers can quickly adjust their plans and navigate to the correct gate without confusion.

Wayfinding and Queue Management

Set up digital screens throughout the airport, especially in high-traffic areas like arrival halls and departure gates. These screens should display real-time flight information, including departure and arrival times, gate numbers, and any changes or delays. Integrating with the airport's flight data system will ensure that the information displayed is constantly up-to-date.

Use interactive digital signage with wayfinding functionalities to help travelers navigate through the airport easily. Interactive maps and directions can guide them to specific terminals, facilities, or services within the airport premises.

Dynamic Advertising

Dynamic advertising is a powerful strategy that leverages digital signage in airports to deliver targeted and relevant advertisements to passengers. Digital signage enables the use of video and animation, which adds visual appeal and captivates passengers' attention. High-quality videos and visually engaging content can effectively convey the advertising message, making it more memorable and impactful.

Digital signage allows you to deliver advertisements that are tailored to specific audiences or demographics. By analyzing passenger data, such as flight destinations, travel patterns, and demographics, you can display advertisements that resonate with travelers. For example, if a high number of passengers are flying to a particular city, you can showcase advertisements for local attractions, hotels, or car rental services at that destination.

Navigation and Maps

Utilizing digital signage for navigation and maps in an airport is an excellent way to assist travelers in finding their way efficiently. Interactive screens or kiosks equipped with user-friendly interfaces and interactive maps allow travelers to search for specific locations, such as gates, baggage claim areas, restrooms, or shops. They can input their desired destination, and the signage system can provide step-by-step directions or even generate a printable map.

Alongside navigation, digital signage can highlight points of interest within the airport. This can include information about lounges, dining options, duty-free shops, medical facilities, or transportation services. By providing details, such as operating hours, services offered, and location, passengers can make informed decisions about where to go and what to explore within the airport.

Information on the City

Providing information about the city through digital signage in an airport can be highly beneficial for travelers. Digital signage can showcase popular attractions, landmarks, cultural sites, and points of interest within the city. Displaying images, brief descriptions, and relevant details such as operating hours, ticket information, or nearby transportation options can help travelers plan their itineraries and make informed decisions about which places to visit.

Showcase popular shopping districts, malls, or markets within the city. Display information about renowned brands, local artisans, specialty stores, or unique shopping experiences. This helps travelers discover the best places to shop and find souvenirs or gifts to take back home.

Transport Information

Display information about public transportation options such as buses, trains, subways, or trams that connect the airport to the city or other destinations. Provide schedules, routes, and maps to help passengers understand the public transportation network and plan their journeys accordingly.

If the airport offers shuttle services to nearby hotels, car rental agencies, or popular destinations, digital signage can inform travelers about these options. Display schedules, pickup locations, and any necessary contact information or instructions for using the shuttle service.

Amenities in the Airport

Utilizing digital signage in an airport to advertise amenities is an effective way to inform and engage travelers about the services and facilities available. Besides real-time updates, use digital signage to promote airport services, shops, and restaurants. Engaging travelers with relevant promotions can enhance their overall experience and encourage them to make use of available services.

Digital signage can also showcase the variety of dining options within the airport. It’s a great way to display images, menus, and promotional offers from restaurants, cafes, food courts, or grab-and-go outlets within the airport. This helps travelers discover the available culinary choices and encourages them to try different dining experiences during their time at the airport.

Baggage Updates

Using digital signage in an airport to display baggage updates is an effective way to keep passengers informed about the status of their luggage. Digital signage can display real-time updates about the arrival of baggage on the respective carousel or belt. Passengers can easily check the signage to find out which carousel their bags will be arriving on, minimizing confusion and allowing them to proceed directly to the designated area.

In case of delays or disruptions in baggage handling, digital signage can provide notifications to inform passengers about the status of their bags. This can include information about any potential delays, reasons for disruptions, or alternative arrangements being made. It helps manage expectations and keeps passengers informed about the progress of their luggage retrieval process.

Emergency Updates

Digital signage can display emergency alerts, notifications, and instructions during critical situations. This includes information about evacuation procedures, shelter locations, or any other relevant emergency measures. The signage can provide clear and concise instructions, guiding passengers on what actions to take in case of an emergency.

Plus, digital signage can display evacuation routes and maps to guide passengers toward the nearest exits and safe assembly points. By providing clear directions and visual representations, the signage assists passengers in understanding the optimal pathways to follow in emergency situations.

News and Weather

Digital signage can display real-time news updates, providing passengers with the latest headlines, breaking news, and relevant information. This can include local, national, and international news, covering various topics such as politics, business, sports, entertainment, and more. Displaying news updates keeps passengers informed and engaged during their time at the airport.

Additionally, digital signage can show weather forecasts for the current day and upcoming days. This includes temperature information, precipitation chances, wind conditions, and any severe weather alerts or warnings. Weather updates help passengers plan their travel accordingly and make informed decisions about clothing, activities, or potential delays that may arise due to inclement weather.

How to Setup Digital Signage

Setting up digital signage in an airport is a breeze with just a few items. First, you need a screen. You can choose new screens or repurpose existing smart TVs. Google TV and Amazon Fire TV devices are plug-and-play compatible with the Display NOW Digital Signage Player App. For other smart TVs, make sure they have an HDMI port or use an adapter if they don't support Google TV or Amazon Fire TV. 

The second important piece of digital signage is a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS lets you control the content displayed on your screens. Display NOW's Digital Signage Manager is an all-in-one CMS that allows you to create and manage your desired visuals from a user-friendly interface. With this cloud-based software, you have remote control over what appears on your screens, no matter where you are.

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