Church Digital Signage Solutions: Examples and Benefits

Learn the benefits of church digital signage solutions. Explore how technology elevates spiritual connections.

Merging faith with modern technology, churches today utilize digital signage to deepen the spiritual experiences of their congregants. These dynamic displays go beyond traditional methods of communication, showcasing applications that range from displaying song lyrics and sermon notes to real-time updates on fundraisers. 

They can guide visitors with directories, highlight children's activities, showcase social media integrations, and even provide crucial information during emergencies. Through the combination of visuals, text, and interactive elements, digital signage strengthens communal bonds, ensures timely information delivery, and enriches the sacred ambiance of worship spaces.

In this article, we have compiled benefits around how to use digital signage in church, how to set it up, how to use it, and several ideas for ways to utilize this new technology in your house of worship.

What is Digital Signage?

There has been an evolution in displays over the past decade. This year is offering more dynamic and interactive means of communication through digital signage. But what does this entail? Digital signage essentially refers to electronic displays that are designed to relay information, messages, and visuals to a specific audience. 

A typical digital signage system comprises several components. These include display screens like LCD, LED, or plasma screens; a Content Management System (CMS) — software allowing users to schedule, upload, and manage display content; a media player, which can be integrated or separate, to play content; and a network infrastructure, which may operate locally or over the internet.

Diversity in content type distinguishes digital signage from traditional mediums. Static content encompasses images and text. Dynamic content includes videos, animations, or real-time data sources like news feeds and weather updates. 

The dynamic nature of digital content has a unique ability to attract and sustain attention. Over time, despite the initial setup costs, digital signage often proves to be a cost-effective alternative, reducing expenses related to printing and distribution.

Why Use Digital Signage in Church?

Digital signage in churches has gained popularity for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the benefits of using digital signage in a church setting:


Digital signs can be used to convey important announcements, upcoming events, sermon topics, or inspirational quotes. They ensure that important messages are communicated clearly and effectively to congregants. Additionally, they can be used during services to display sermon notes, scriptures, or song lyrics. This helps the congregation to follow along, especially if they're unfamiliar with a particular hymn or scripture.

Digital signage can display videos, graphics, and animations. This can be particularly engaging during worship when lyrics, scripture verses, or video clips are displayed in sync with the service.

Unlike traditional signs or printed bulletins, digital signs can be updated instantly and can display a rotation of multiple messages, making them more versatile. Modern digital signage solutions are user-friendly. Even individuals without much technical expertise can easily update and manage the content.

Churches often have events, classes, or group meetings during the week. Digital signage can help promote these activities, increasing participation.


For new visitors, digital signage can offer a warm welcome, provide directions, or inform them about the various ministries and groups they can join.

Many churches use social media to engage with their congregation during the week. Digital signage can highlight recent posts, upcoming online events, or testimonials shared on these platforms.

For larger churches or those with multiple services, digital signage can be used to announce which rooms or halls are being used for which purpose, making it easier for attendees to navigate.

Over time, using digital signage can save money as it reduces the need for printed materials like weekly bulletins, announcement sheets, or event flyers. Once the initial investment is made, content can be updated without any additional printing costs.

Digital Signage in Churches

Digital signage offers churches a versatile and dynamic platform to communicate, engage, and inspire their congregations. By integrating technology with spirituality, churches can enhance the overall worship experience and strengthen their community bonds.

Worship Enhancement

Digital signage can uplift the worship experience by displaying song lyrics, scripture readings, and sermon notes. This not only encourages congregational participation but also ensures everyone can easily follow along, especially if they're unfamiliar with a particular hymn or scripture.

Digital signage can be utilized to display inspirational quotes, passages, or testimonials. These can serve as a source of encouragement and upliftment, especially during challenging times.

With digital screens, there's no need for hymnals or printed lyrics, allowing the congregation to fully engage in worship without distractions. Furthermore, the use of visual effects, transitions, and relevant backgrounds can add depth to the worship experience.

Highlighting specific verses or passages can accentuate a sermon's theme, making the message more impactful. For multi-lingual congregations, the scriptures can be displayed in multiple languages simultaneously, ensuring inclusivity.

Pastors and ministers can use digital signage to highlight key points from their sermons, ensuring that the congregation grasps the central message. These notes can also be beneficial for those who may have missed a part of the sermon or for newcomers to the faith.

Announcements and Updates

Churches often have announcements about upcoming events, service timings, or special programs. Instead of just relying on verbal announcements or printed bulletins, digital signs can effectively convey these messages before, during, or after a service.

Ministry Highlights

Highlight various ministry opportunities and their impacts within the church. This includes showcasing testimonials, success stories, and opportunities for congregants to get involved. Videos or photo slideshows can provide a glimpse into mission trips, community service days, or other ministry events.

Educational Resources

Promote Bible study groups, workshops, or classes the church offers. Additionally, display key takeaways from past sessions, recommended readings, or even trivia questions to engage and educate the congregation further.

Children and Youth Activities

Promote events, classes, or programs targeted at children and youth. Visual content, especially animations or fun graphics, can attract younger members of the congregation and inform parents about upcoming opportunities for their kids.

Prayer Requests and Testimonials

Allow members to share prayer requests or testimonials. These can be displayed (with permission) to encourage a sense of community and shared support. It can also be a testament to the transformative power of faith.

Event Registrations

For upcoming church events that require registration, digital signage can display QR codes or URLs. This simplifies the process, allowing congregants to instantly register using their smartphones.

Artistic Expressions

Showcase artwork, poetry, or music created by members of the congregation. This not only promotes talent within the church community but also adds an aesthetic element to the church environment.

Fundraisers and Donations

If the church is running a fundraiser or seeking donations for a particular cause, digital signage can provide real-time updates on progress, display donor acknowledgments, and offer information on how others can contribute.

How to Set Up and Create Content

Setting up digital signage in churches has been made easier with a few straightforward steps. Firstly, selecting the right screen is crucial. While modern smart TVs like Google TV and Amazon Fire TV are directly compatible with the Display NOW Digital Signage Player App, other TVs with an HDMI port can also be utilized. For these, an adapter like a Google TV Stick or Amazon Fire Stick can transform them into digital signage platforms, making them perfect for showcasing content. These TV sticks are an economical choice, often priced reasonably.

Secondly, the content displayed on these screens is managed via a Content Management System (CMS). The Display NOW CMS is particularly notable for its user-friendliness. Comparable to an intuitive catalog system, it allows librarians of all experience levels to easily curate and display announcements, spotlight new additions, or set event reminders. What’s more, collaboration is seamless with multiple users being able to access and modify content. Registering with Display NOW is simple, and they are recognized for their competitive pricing and exemplary customer service.

Lastly, content creation is vital. Display NOW accommodates various formats, from PDFs and images to web pages and presentations. For those without ready-made content, Display NOW's integration with Canva, a premier graphic design tool, offers a solution. With a plethora of templates available, even novices can create captivating visuals. After designing on Canva, transferring content to digital signage via Display NOW is a breeze.

Final Thoughts

By embracing digital signage, churches can elevate their communication strategies to new heights, meeting the needs of a tech-savvy congregation. These dynamic displays not only enhance worship sessions but also foster a stronger sense of community and involvement. As the lines between tradition and innovation continue to blur, it's evident that digital signage holds a transformative role in shaping the future of church interactions, outreach, and engagement.

Utilizing platforms like Display NOW simplifies the shift to digital. With its user-friendly interface and cost-effectiveness, Display NOW makes the move to the digital realm both economical and uncomplicated. Such tools are essential in helping congregations maintain their central role in communities by continually refreshing their services. Sign up for your 14-day free trial today!


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