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Display schedules for spaces with Skedda

The smartest way to manage your spaces. Skedda removes the hassle of manually managing the booking and scheduling of your spaces. The perfect booking platform for your rooms, desks, studios, labs, courts and more. When integrated with Display NOW, you can show your schedules on different screens. 

Step 1: Navigate to Skedda Website or the App.

Skedda comes in two types of accounts. There is the Flex account that is free and then a Workplace account.

We'll go through both. Sign up for Skedda if you haven't already and select the "Flex" option, and add your Organization's name.

Create a "URL" for your Organization, and fill out the required information. 

Add the spaces that you want to manage like Meeting Room or Office Desks in the "Example spaces."
You can add up to 5 spaces. 

Once you've created an account, it'll look something like this. It'll show you what spaces would be occupied at which timings.

You can pick out which format you'd like your Work Spaces to be displayed like on a Day with timings , calendar format with Month, Grid, or List.

Once you've selected the format. Navigate to Settings > Communicating > Integrations.

You must choose "Option 2: Embedded Scheduler" for the embed link. Click on "Show Instructions."

Copy the Embedded link. You can place the link in the search bar of your web browser to see if it's the correct one link or not. 

Step 2:  Navigate to Display NOW Manager > Media > Media App Store > Skedda. 

  • Add Notes to remind you what content is in that Media. (Optional)
  • Select the group for your Playlist 
  • Paste the Embedded Link that you copied from the Skedda page on to the URL column.
  • Select the playlist you want to present the Skedda Media in and Select the number of seconds you would like the feed to appear on screen for (You can also do this in the next step while editing your playlist).
  • Once done, click on "Save." 


Step 3: Update the Playlist.

Head over the Playlist tab, select your Playlist and click on Edit.

You can also create a new playlist if you'd like.

  • Select Skedda 1 (or whatever you named it) as the Media you would like to show on your screen.
  • Add Notes to remind you what Media is in the Playlist. (Optional) 
  • Select the number of second you want \the Media to be played for in a loop.
  • Select the screens you want the Playlist to be shown on. 
  • Click "Update" and you're all set. The Media then will be display on your screens.