How to choose a TV for digital signage?

What type of TV would be best for digital signage? There are many TV providers but we have a couple picked for you to choose from.

With the abundance of digital signage solutions on the market, selecting the right TV display for your business can be a challenging task. Two popular options are TCL and Amazon Fire TV, both of which offer unique features and benefits when it comes to digital signage. 

            TCL          amazon      
                                TCL Google TV                                                 Amazon Fire TV                                           

When deciding between these two options, here are some key factors that businesses should consider, including size, placement, orientation, and more. 

Size & Placement: One of the most important considerations when choosing a TV display for digital signage is size and placement. TCL offers a range of sizes to accommodate different rooms and spaces. With Amazon Fire TV, you have the option to mount or install your device in various locations around your business. This could include walls, ceiling mounts or table stands depending on what works best for you. 

Orientation: The orientation of your TV display is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. TCL displays come in landscape or portrait orientation while Amazon Fire TVs support both landscape and tabletop modes allowing customers to customize their set-up based on their needs. 

This will significantly alter how the content appears on the screen, depending on the kind of content you intend to present with your digital signage solution.

Customers: Digital signage applications are appropriate for both TCL and Amazon Fire TV displays across a wide range of industries, including restaurants, gyms, churches, commercial buildings, schools, and more. Before settling on which display would meet your particular business objectives, think about the types of clients who frequently visit each location. Businesses can choose between TCL and Amazon Fire TV displays when choosing an appropriate television screen for their digital signage needs by carefully considering size, placement, and orientation as well as prospective client demographics.

Some companies prefer to use their current screens rather than investing in new ones. Every business wants to operate efficiently, and we want to be there to assist you in doing so while increasing traffic to your establishment. There is no need to buy a new TV if you already own one. To make your TVs become Smart TVs, you may buy an Amazon Fire TV stick or a Google TV stick. You can then download the Display NOW App to start promoting your company.

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                        Amazon Fire TV Stick                                            Google TV Stick