Exploring the 9 Latest Digital Signage Trends in 2023

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into these 9 digital signage trends. Discover what's shaping the industry's future in our comprehensive guide.

Digital signage is leading the advertising renaissance, transitioning from passive displays to immersive platforms offering tailored, real-time data analytics, and crystalline display technologies are among the innovations driving this shift. 

Digital signage is expected to revolutionize audience engagement in 2023, ushering in a new era in which displays allow businesses to make meaningful connections with customers. This article is a comprehensive exploration of the promising trends shaping the future of digital signage.

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What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to electronic displays that present information, advertisements, and other messages to audiences in various settings. These dynamic displays captivate viewers with vibrant visuals, motion graphics, and interactive elements, making them a popular choice for businesses, educational institutions, and public spaces. 

Equipped with technology to update content remotely, digital signage offers an adaptable and efficient solution for real-time communication. It serves as a bridge, connecting businesses to their audiences, and delivering targeted messages that inform, engage, and entertain. 

Using Digital Signage for Business

From retail stores showcasing the latest offers to airports providing flight information, digital signage is a ubiquitous and integral part of modern visual communication. Digital signage has carved its niche across various business sectors, enhancing communication and engagement. 

Retail stores leverage it to showcase promotions, while corporate offices use it to disseminate internal communications effectively. In healthcare, digital signs provide patients and visitors with essential information and wayfinding assistance. Restaurants and cafes employ these dynamic displays to present menus and specials, offering an interactive and modern customer experience. 

Within the corporate world, it facilitates seamless and interactive communication, transforming the way messages are conveyed. Each digital display, rich with vibrant visuals and tailored content, not only captures attention but also fosters a deeper connection with viewers, making every interaction memorable and impactful.

Does Digital Signage Really Help?

The influence of digital signage on consumer engagement and business growth is backed by hard-studied statistics. Consider that 70% of Americans have come across a digital display within a recent one-month span, underscoring the technology's pervasive presence. Even more telling, over half reported seeing a digital sign just in the last week.

The reach and frequency of these digital encounters translate into tangible consumer responses. Nearly one in five viewers acknowledge making a spontaneous purchase after being swayed by a digital advertisement in a store. This propensity for on-the-spot buying decisions is amplified within restaurant settings, where a robust 80% of patrons report similar impulse purchases.

From the business perspective, the impact is equally significant. Adopting digital signage has been linked to a discernible boost in sales, with a majority of brands witnessing a 33% uplift. An emerging strategic asset, digital signage encourages greater customer participation, spurs impulse buys, and boosts key performance indicators.

Top 9 Digital Signage Trends in 2023

In 2023, we see a vibrant shift in digital signage, characterized by cutting-edge technologies and heightened user engagement. These emerging trends are crafting a new narrative in business communication, seamlessly blending technology and creativity. 

Let’s delve into the prominent trends that are set to redefine the contours of digital signage this year.

1. Sustainability Focus

The era of eco-friendly digital signage is upon us. Every business is taking strides to reduce its carbon footprint, and digital signage manufacturers are no exception. They're crafting displays that are energy-efficient, cutting down on electricity usage, and incorporating materials that are both durable and recyclable. 

A perfect example is screens powered by solar energy or made from recycled materials, a testament to the industry's commitment to marrying technology with sustainability. One notable trend is the emergence of energy-efficient digital signs. Manufacturers are innovating in design and technology to create displays that consume less power. 

LED technology, for instance, is leading the charge, offering bright and clear displays that are significantly more energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions. Additionally, features like automatic brightness adjustment ensure that the displays use just enough energy to be effective, adjusting to natural light conditions to optimize power consumption.

Materials and manufacturing processes are also under the spotlight. There’s a growing trend towards using recycled and recyclable materials in producing digital signs. Manufacturers are steering away from single-use and non-recyclable materials, a shift that’s reducing waste and promoting a circular economy. 

2. Data Analytics

Using data analytics in digital signage is transforming how content is optimized and delivered. Each interaction a viewer has with a digital sign generates valuable data. This data is a goldmine for businesses, offering insights into viewer behavior, preferences, and engagement levels. 

For instance, retailers can analyze this data to identify the most engaging content and then tailor future content to mirror these preferences, ensuring that every piece of content hits its mark. In retail, data analytics embedded in digital signage can track and analyze viewer engagement. From the duration of attention to the items that capture the most interest

3. Dynamic Content Adaptation

Digital signage is evolving into a medium that is as dynamic as the world around us. Real-time content adaptation means that digital displays can change their content based on various factors, offering a level of personalization and relevance previously unattainable. 

A digital billboard, for example, might showcase a sunny holiday destination during chilly weather, or display cozy restaurant interiors during a rainstorm, making the content relevant and enticing to passersby.

4. Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Displays

Clarity, color vibrancy, and detail are fundamental in capturing and retaining viewer attention. UHD displays are at the forefront of delivering visuals that are not just seen but experienced. Advertisements, informational content, and interactive displays benefit immensely from UHD technology. Imagine walking through a shopping center, and a vivid, crystal-clear display catches your eye, making the advertisement memorable and engaging.

Any display screen will work, though. At any budget, there is a fit for the best screen. As long as the screen has an HDMI input, you are set to go. A Google Smart TV or Amazon Fire TV will work effectively out of the box to function perfectly with the  Display NOW Digital Signage Player app. If you have another screen, it should be able to have input for the Amazon Fire Stick or Google TV Stick so that you can function effectively with the  Display NOW Digital Signage Player app.

5. Video Content

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is taking on new meaning in the world of digital signage, with video content becoming a centerpiece. Videos have the unique ability to convey complex information quickly and engagingly. 

For businesses, this means being able to communicate brand stories, product information, or customer testimonials in a manner that is both efficient and effective. A retail store, for instance, might showcase a video highlighting the features of a new product, allowing customers to understand its benefits within moments.

6. Canva Content

The need for visually appealing yet easily editable content has led to the rise of Canva content in digital signage. Canva, a graphic design platform, allows users to create stunning visuals without the need for advanced design skills. 

Businesses can swiftly change and adapt their signage content, ensuring it remains fresh, relevant, and engaging. A café might use Canva to update its digital menu daily, showcasing mouth-watering visuals of its specials, drawing customers in and enhancing their dining experience.

The versatility of Canva is showcased by its expansive library of templates. Thousands of options, from images to videos, are at the fingertips of users, facilitating the creation of content that’s both dynamic and tailored to specific audiences. Every piece of content created is a blend of aesthetics and relevance.

Pairing this with the efficiency of the Display Now Content Management System elevates the content management experience. Canva’s creations can be easily transferred and managed within Display Now, offering a seamless transition from creation to display. This integration ensures that the signage content is eye-catching and aligned with real-time business needs.

Business operators find their workflow streamlined, where vivid and engaging content transitions smoothly from concept to display. This efficient ecosystem, born from the collaboration of Canva’s creative suite and Display Now’s robust management features, empowers businesses to communicate with their audience effectively and aesthetically. It exemplifies a future where digital communication is not just seen but experienced. Being as dynamic and adaptive as the audience it seeks to engage.

6. Cloud Storage

Cloud Stage is transforming digital signage content management with its innovative and flexible solutions. Users can effortlessly update and manage content from anywhere, ensuring displays are always current and captivating. Though user-friendly, the platform boasts an array of sophisticated features, presenting an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to boost their digital footprint. With Cloud Stage, content customization and scalability are intrinsically linked, painting a future where digital messages are not just seen but dynamically interact with every viewer’s world.

With Display Now, you will get 5 GB of Cloud Storage right out of the box. This number can even go as high as 10 GB as needed. This is all for a fair and reasonable price.

7. Content Playlists

Playlists are a powerful feature, offering a structured yet flexible approach to content presentation. Users can curate an ordered loop of media, ensuring a coherent and engaging viewer experience. 

The beauty of playlists lies in their adaptability; media elements can be mixed and matched with precision, granting ultimate control over content flow and viewer engagement. Every playlist is a harmonious blend of creativity and structure, ensuring messages are conveyed with both clarity and flair. This feature stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of digital communication, where customization and orderliness coexist, elevating the art of message delivery to new heights.

8. Remote Management 

The freedom to manage content without being tethered to a specific device is the luxury that Display NOW Manager affords its users. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional setups; modifications and updates can now be executed from any device, ensuring agility in content management. 

A glance at your screen provides insights into current displays, offering real-time data that’s crucial for effective communication. The assurance that content is live, engaging, and reaching the intended audience provides peace of mind for business operators. Display Now Manager is revolutionizing digital content management, making it a fluid, intuitive, and highly responsive experience.

9. Scaling and Growing

Scaling digital signage across multiple locations is streamlined and efficient, thanks to flexible platforms that accommodate expansive reach and diversity in content. Users can effortlessly share access to displays, media, playlists, and groups, fostering a collaborative environment for content management. 

Every location, regardless of its geographical placement, can benefit from tailored, engaging, and dynamic content. The process of scaling becomes less about overcoming logistical hurdles and more about envisioning and executing compelling communication strategies. This adaptability ensures that as businesses grow, their digital signage solutions evolve in tandem, offering bespoke engagement experiences to diverse audiences across all locations.

Final Thoughts

We've journeyed through the world of digital signage, exploring trends that promise to redefine audience engagement and visual communication in 2023. In the middle of this landscape, Display Now emerges as a pivotal player, steering the industry with innovative and accessible solutions. Renowned for its user-friendly yet advanced offerings, Display Now makes cutting-edge digital signage accessible, thanks to its competitive pricing and the option to explore its services through a free trial. 

As we stand on the cusp of another year marked by digital innovation, Display Now is a trailblazer, ready to help businesses harness the full spectrum of opportunities that digital signage promises. Keen on activating the benefits of digital signage for your business? Start your 14-day free trial with us today!


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