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Using Google Slides with Display NOW for Experts "embed link"

Display NOW Manager allows you to show content via Google Slides. This article will guide you on how you can get an embed link from Google Slides with signing into your Google Account on Display NOW and display your content on your screen.

You can also add Google Slides to Display NOW using an embed link. Simply follow these steps.

Alternative:  Link Google Slides Without Signing In


If you do not want to sign in with Google, you can grab the embed publish link from Google Slides directly.

Step 1: First, sign in to Google Slides. You can start a new presentation or open an existing one.


Click File > Publish to the web

  • Select the "Embed" option
  • Select how often you wish slides to remain on screen
  • Check the two boxes below: start as soon as player loads and restart the slideshow after the last slide. This keeps the presentation moving in the background as other content is shown.
  • Then copy the link from the start of the quotation to the end of the quotation. Just as highlighted in the picture below.  



Head over to the Display NOW Manager and add the copied embed link to the "Google slides Embed URL."

google slidde

In order to complete your URL, please add ( &rm=minimal ) at the end of it.

after 10000, add &rm=minimal to get rid of google slides controls

  • Once done, please select your playlist and add the total number of seconds that content will be played for. Adding up the number of slides and how many seconds each slide will be played for like, 10 slides + each slide for 15 seconds = Total of 150 seconds. 
  • Click on "Save"


Step 3: Add/Edit the Playlist

Head over the Playlist option and select your Playlist and click on Edit.

You can also create a new playlist if you'd like.   


  • Google Slide will already show up on your playlist. 
  • You can also add your number of seconds from here or change them.
  • Click "Update" and you're all set. The Media then will be display on your screens.