Windows Digital Signage with Windows Assigned Access


Yes, we have a Windows App! You can download it from the Windows App Store.

Here's the link to the Display NOW Player App  for Windows.

We recommend using Kiosk Mode (assigned access) to keep your environment secure and your content front and center. Windows 10 Pro and above supports Kiosk mode. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • Download the Display NOW Player App if you have not already. Do not pair the player until it is setup in Kiosk mode.
  • Search for Kiosk Mode in Windows.
  • Select the app to use in Kiosk Mode. Display NOW will appear in the list.
  • You will create a dedicated user that will auto-login on startup.

You can also follow these steps to set it up: How to set up Kiosk Mode in Windows (more details).