1. Login to Display NOW Manager. This is where you'll add displays, media & display lists.
    • You can sign in with either your Microsoft or Google account.
    • We leverage single-sign-on with these providers to keep things secure and simple.
    • No new passwords to remember or lengthy registration forms to fill out!
  2. Add a Display
    • Display NOW Digital Signage Manager works with the Display NOW Digital Signage Player app, which is available in the Microsoft Store.
    • You'll have to install the Display NOW app on a Windows 10 computer and attach it to a screen of your choice.
    • The app connects with Display NOW Manager and shows content on your screen.
    • Once the app is installed, click Add + on the display page. Name your display and enter the activation code that's shown in the Display NOW app.
  3. Add a Media & create a playlist.
    • The media tab is where you add content that you want to show on a display.
    • You can upload images, point to websites and more!
    • After you add media, create and add it to a playlist. Tag that playlist to your display and you're off!

One you've added a display and associated it with a playlist, your presentation will begin. You can check the status of your displays via the display page. Displays that are actively showing content will show as Online. Remote preview gives you piece of mind and shows what's being presented.